Dec 052012

Yesterday saw me creating the first of five window frames that gets installed in the triangular space between the two hub 1s, on the third tier of the dome. The cutting of the wood was rather tricky, but I managed to do a half-decent job.

The window opening was measured and each side was 700mm. Now maths teaches us that triangles of equal length are called equilateral triangles, and all the internal angles are the same. So each corner must be 60 degrees.

My daughter and I fed left-over planks through the table saw, and cut strips of 15mm x 32mm x 1m. From there we measured out three planks and marked off the 700mm mark and once again it was back to the table saw, to cut a 60 degree angle, but at a 8 degree camber. Once the lengths were cut, they lined up neatly. I now needed to add in a spacer to give the window a perfect fit.

Breaking out the mitre saw, I cut a 2.5cm piece of the 15mm x 32mm x 1m wood with a 12 degree angle and a 12 degree camber on both ends. This was then placed between two corners and tacked together with 1.6mm panel pins. I will either opt for a wood filler or simply mix saw dust with cold glue to get a smoother finish around the joins.

With the hinges attached, it is now time to varnish the first window frame and then to install it.

Once the dome is complete and the Arduino is installed, the Arduino will be taking frequent temperature measurements, and should the dome get too hot, the Arduino will drive a small servo motor and open the windows automatically, and close the windows when the temperature returns to normal.

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