Dec 062012

Finally I have completed all the window frames, and given them a coating of varnish. I would have fitted them to the dome but it had started to rain, so I will do it tomorrow.

You will note that the hinges are placed on the outside of the frame. When I was testing the design, the heads of the screws kept on pushing against each other thus preventing the windows from closing properly.

Completed window frames drying

  One Response to “All windows done and varnished”

  1. Gdybym miala talent to nie czekalabym na odkrycie ;P Tylko Ameryka czekala, az ja Kolumb odkryje.I mysle, ze wsrod tych wszystkich pajacow zawsze znajdzie sie jakas perelka, ktorej nikt by nie odkryl jakby sama nie prz2azls&#8y30;

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