Dec 082012

Today I completed installing the window frames and installing the door to the dome (pictures will follow tomorrow). I also fabricated the jig I will be using to trace the various triangles onto the plastic so that I can cut them out, using a circular saw and a very fine toothed blade. The jig was created with three pieces of 30mmx3mmx800mm flat bar, which I cleaned up and cut a slot into the top and the bottom of the bar. I installed a screw and nut at both ends, which allows the triangle to be sized.

To use the jig, it gets placed against one of the triangles, and then gets aligned so that it masks off the top half of the wooden strut, exposing the triangle and half of the wooden strut. The nuts then gets tightened and the jig is then transferred onto the plastic where the shape is traced and then cut out.

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