Nov 112012

Today marks the start of, the site set up to walk you through building your own icosahedron geodesic dome, for the purpose of growing vegetables and farming fish in a controlled environment, free of harmful chemicals.

Nothing about this build is going to be straight forward, as we will be fabricating as much of the dome as possible. I will be walking you what to purchase, and then how to assemble the various parts. At the end of the project we will have measured out and cut our own steel, welded the various hubs parts together, cut our own lumber, cut our own covering plastic sheets, and then assembled the entire structure. From there we will get into the dome and fabricate the grow beds, build your own bell siphon value with all its plumbing, and then create your fish tank from IBC (Intermediate bulk container).

Where this build will be totally different from all the others out there is the automation we will be using. I will be walking you through purchasing an Arduino programmable prototyping platform (, some electronic components, and assembling and soldering the various components together. Then integrating the components, together with your Arduino, to make your dome self-sufficient and intelligent.

Well, I hope this project has you all excited and revving to go!

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  1. Look up rob lusher, dome builder in Australia

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