Nov 262012

After months of planning, welding, cutting, painting, spraying, bending, measuring, drilling and cursing, the dome framework is finally complete and assembled. Yes I know there is no door, but I will be installing the door in the next couple of days.

Whilst I am waiting for my plastic sheeting, I will be starting with my instruction videos for all you DIY fanatics out there. Just FYI, the small triangular structure on the floor of the dome, is my son building his own dome.

Now to put the dome into perspective, it is 4 meters or 13 foot in diameter, and at its apex it is 2.34 meters or 7.6 foot high. It is constructed on 61 steel hubs, and 165 cut pieces of lumber.

  4 Responses to “Frame structure finally complete”

  1. Where do you get the connector hubs? did you make them or buy them some where?

    • I built them from scratch. Basically I bought a steel cylinder, cut it down to size, measured out the steel strips and then welded them to the cylinder to create the hub.

      Would you like more technical information, such as the measurements or is this information suffice?

      • Looks great!

        Im Joao from Portugal.

        Im trying to build one myself but im struglling with the hubs, i would very much apreciate if you make the measurements available. Im a C grade welder and worst at geometry 🙂


  2. Roughfly how long were the cut pieces of wood?

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