Dec 032012

With it becoming increasingly more and more difficult getting in and out of the dome (slithering on my belly is loosing its appeal), I relented and broke out the power tools and proceeded to create a door in the rear of the dome.

I had to cut off 6 of the metal strips from the bottom hub 3s, and the middle hub 4s and the top hub 1s. This was done to ensure that the door is able to swing freely on its hinges, but not fold into the dome,  placing strain on the wooden beam holding the door in place, and potentially tearing the screws from the wood. To ensure that the door could open easily, I cut off 7mm from the top of the all A-sized struts radiating from the door’s hub 2.

Now all that is left is to seal the wood, and to mount the door.


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  1. Daddy you are awesome,,, and daddy is a big inspiration for me
    Rock on
    <3 Belle

  2. Hi, your project is very cool 🙂
    I am right now on the same “trip”.
    How so you put the pvc on the frame?
    Can you send me some pictures?
    Best regards,

    • This turned out to be the hardest part of the entire build. Basically I had to calculate the length of each triangle, and add in half of the thickness of each wooden strut, so I will get a piece of polycarbonate that fills the triangle, and has overlap. Each piece was then cut out using my dremel with a cutting disk.

      I tried many things to cut out the triangles, which included carpet blades, a hack saw, etc. but nothing cut easier and neater than the dremel.

    • terima kasih banyak buat artikelnya, bisa menjadi referensi utk saya yang baru masuk kuliah dan kebetulan sedang membahas nirmana ruang. ngomong2, ketika pelajaran nirmana ruang saya sedang memelajari ors/eedidordrr photo, apa ada definisi khusus tentang dua hal tersebut? karena sejauh saya mencari artikel maupun definisi yang kira-kira memuaskan keingintahuan saya, saya tidak mendapatkannya ):terima kasih jika mau merespon, dan saya copy paste isi blog ini ya

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